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The ancient past is part of everyday life in the County Sligo town of Keash. Indeed, the wealth of historical attractions in the region is something the enterprising local community has made good use of to develop the town and provide better facilities for residents.

Age-old artefacts and animal remains dating back over 12,000 years have been found in the remarkable Caves of Keash, a site which features heavily in Irish legend and folklore, including in the tales of Fionnn MacCumhaill and Na Fianna. The area is also home to the Carrowkeel Passage Tomb, which predates the Newgrange site by some 700 years.

While acutely conscious of this rich heritage, the Keash Village Enhancement group is keenly focused on the area’s development and on the delivery of improved amenities for locals and visitors alike.

Over recent years, the group systematically set about developing a one-acre site on which it had acquired a lease as a location for a rangeofnew child and family-based facilities, including: a playground, a Multi-Use Games Area and a new childcare service.

The playground was developed for use by children up to 12 years of age and also included seating and picnic facilities. The nearest existing playgrounds in the locality are some 10 km away from Keash.

Having received approval for the projects through LEADER, Keash Village Enhancement also received support from Clann Credo in the form of bridging finance. A thorough assessment of the initiative by Clann Credo found strong demand in the area for the facilities along with the delivery of a genuine social dividend for residents.